Another important part of your heating is the radiators. These should be vented from time to time. We can take care of this and we can also give you tips on optimal heat distribution in your interior. Bouma CV has a wide range of different radiators in different models and sizes. Think for example;

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Zowel geribbeld als vlak.

Klassieke radiatoren

Nostalgisch met staande buizen.


Traditioneel en design.


Een eye-catcher in diverse kleuren.

De keuze

The choice of a radiator depends on the space to be heated in terms of capacity, and you also want the radiator to fit into your interior. To prevent a high energy bill, we have models in our range that efficiently apply heat output. Is your radiator out of date and do you want it replaced? A move may be involved after a reorganization in the house. We install completely new radiators if desired, including piping. We are happy to help you choose from our diverse range, provide expert advice, tips and install your radiator and any pipes with the utmost precision.

Bouma CV Totaaltechniek